15 Ideas for Exposing Your Dog or Puppy To New Things

15 Ideas for introducing your dog to new things. Tip: Start young!

Dogs, just like people, have fears and apprehensions. They need to learn to adjust to things and places the same as we do. You can help your dog by following a few simple rules and preparing them by using these suggestions. Remember to keep your dog properly leashed where applicable. Enrolling your dog – and you – in a dog obedience class is always a good idea and helps them learn proper behavior quickly and easily.

Remember to never force your dog to do anything he/she feels afraid to do until you have exposed them in a positive way. If you don’t know how to expose your dog in a positive way please contact a professional dog trainer. They should be more than happy to give you ideas to try.

Here are some suggestions for ways to introduce your dog to new places.

1. Find dog events throughout the year that you and your dog can attend and enjoy.
2. Take your dog to Farmers Markets, and flea markets.
3. Go for walks in wooded paths such as a State Park, or bike trail.
4. Take your dog into a building with lots of stairs and take the dog on an elevator.
5. Take your dog through a car wash.
6. Take your dog to sports games, or around a playground.
7. Do a play date with friends or relatives with their dog.
8. Take your dog to work if you are able.
9. Take your dog to pet stores or farm stores that allow pets, like Tractor Supply.
10. Go to a downtown area and walk your dog, and practice his/her obedience around all the noise.
11. Take your dog on car rides (make sure not during very hot or cold days).
12. Take your dog to a place where they can swim, such as a pond, lake, or pool.
13. Visit a farm.
14. Call ahead and ask your vet if you can bring your dog to visit the waiting room.
15. Take your dog to be groomed by a professional.

These things are much easier to do once your dog goes through a basic obedience class. The younger you start your dog with training, the better he/she will be with dealing with new situations. This is a great way to start a solid foundation with your dog. If you have questions feel free to call or text me at (330) 883-6904

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