Doggy Day Care

Yellow Lab playing in agility tunnel.Here at Elite K9 we would say the number one reason for behavior issues is not enough exercise. With today’s world we are all working more than ever so our pets are at home with no stimulation.

We believe we have the answer: Doggy Daycare! And not the kind that is offered at most places, where the dog is in the kennel all day. I’m talking running, playing, socializing, going for walks.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bring your dog home and have them be just as tired as you? Absolutely!

We offer full and half days, for committed and non-committed schedules. We also offer monthly packages.

Doggy Daycare Prices

Not Committed to at least one day a week:
$30 per Day, Full day (over 4 hours)
$15 per Day, Half day (under 4 hours)

Committed to at least one day a week:
$20 per Day, Full day (over 4 hours)
$10 per Day, Half day (under 4 hours)

Summer Schedule

Monday 7am – 6pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday 7am – 6pm
Thursday – Closed
Friday 7am – 6pm

Fall Schedule

Monday 7am – 6pm
Tuesday – Closed
Wednesday  7am Р6pm
Thursday  7am Р6pm
Friday 7am – 6pm

Nap time at Elite K-9 Doggy Daycare

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A little more information

Elite is a gated business, meaning people cannot just walk in at any time. Don’t let this “ring-to-enter” idea intimidate you– we are just as protective of our clients’ dogs as we are of our own!

To ensure a safer environment for you and your dog, all dogs must be pre-screened before entering daycare. Call 330-883-6904 for an appointment today!


Requirements to enroll in Doggy Daycare at Elite K9:

  • Dog must be housebroke.
  • Dog must be socialized.
  • Dog must be current on vaccines.
  • Dog must be spayed/neutered.
  • Dog must be free of parasites (fleas and ticks).

* We reserve the right to turn away any dog we feel is not suitable for this environment.
* We require a one day per week commitment.


golden-on-couch-with-toyThree dogs playing at doggy daycare

A good dog at daycare Big dogs playing well together


two-dogs-at-daycare-together six-sits


three-sitting-dogs nap-time perfect-pose