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Now Accepting PayPal!

In addition to paying by cash or check, you can now pay for your Group Basic or Advanced Obedience Classes, Group Conformation (Show) Classes, or Private Training Sessions online through PayPal!


Group Training Sessions – Basic or Advanced Obedience

Basic Obedience – Group Training Sessions – 8 Weeks       $135


If your dog is ready for CGC testing at the completion of training, testing will be included free of charge.

  • Heel
  • Sit
  • Down
  • Stay
  • Here
  • Social skills in a class atmosphere
  • Focusing skills with distractions
  • The finish: dog will go from in front of you, walk around the back to your side where s/he will be ready for the heel command.


Advanced Obedience – Group Training Sessions – 8 Weeks      $135


Transition from on lead to off lead in sit, down, stay, here, and the finish commands.

Additional distractions will be added, and we’ll work outdoors (in favorable weather) as we challenge dogs and their owners to move to a higher level of training.


Private Dog Training Sessions

Private Dog Training Sessions – 1 Hour       $50.00

Number of Private Sessions


According to you and your dogs’ pace, Basic, Advanced, Conformation, etc. One hour, perfecting each command before moving on to the next one.

Private Sessions are also suggested for dogs with behavior problems or dogs who are in need of evaluation.

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