We had brought our dog he was having aggressive behavior problems. With the guidance of Karen we were able to see him improve in the 7 weeks that he had attended. She was able to help us understand that it was not aggression that it was actually fear.

- A Personal Reference From Mark & Pam Bush


Karen, We feel like you have passed on lots of valuable info to help make our two adult Goldens better citizens of the dog world. Our dogs came in a blank state & we have made a lot of progress.

Your common sense approach is one that works well for both dogs and handlers.

- A Personal Reference From Larry & Jan Longberry


Love the experience. Great training. Karen is a great instructor. Would definitely recommend the class.

- A Personal Reference From Sherry & Jessica Padovan


Karen is a wonderful trainer. I have learned so much in a short period of time. I would tell anyone who has a dog or wants a dog to call Karen. She is amazing.

- A Personal Reference From Rachelle & Joe Goske


Outstanding trainer! Would recommend to anyone!

- A Personal Reference From Cheryl Zimmerman


What a great experience! I recently had the pleasure of taking the Basic Obedience Training Course from Elite K9 Training. Karen provided great instruction and taught me how to properly work and give my puppy commands. Also, this course taught me to be more assertive with my puppy not only for his good but for mine as well.

I came away from this course wanting to learn more and do more with my dog, perhaps making him a therapy or search and rescue dog. I highly recommend that all new and old dog owners take this course from Karen, you and your dog will come away closer and much better off just as me and my dog Tyler did!

- A Personal Reference From Suzanne Savanick, Cortland, OH


We were impressed how Karen could read the dogs’ personalities. We believe our pup Ruby has learned, and with continuous training will become a canine good citizen. We would recommend this training for all who want a well behaved and mannerly four legged family member. Thanks!

- A Personal Reference From Nick & Vickie Dragojevic


Karen saved Pete’s life. Bottom line. I have never had an inside dog and my husband has. We have a beagle/foxhound mix that has resource guarding issues, which led us to Miss Karen in the first place. If Pete gets something he wants or claims as his own, he doesn’t give it up. Unfortunately I have gotten bitten because of this, before I knew what Pete’s “issues” were. We thought he has aggression issues. And Karen has made us aware of it and taught us how to deal with it.

Pete’s almost 2 years and been in class 3 times (basic obedience & advanced classes)! Why, because it has made us better dog owners/handlers, alpha leaders, and consistent dog owners. Pete likes class because he needs the stimulation and we keep learning more.

Pete has been taught to be crated (no, he doesn’t sleep in bed with us), bell trained to go outside, keeps off furniture and obeys commands (sit, heel, stay, stand & leave it) along with more advanced commands. I can walk Pete through the neighborhood on our 2.5 mile walk and he doesn’t pull, bark or chase squirrels. He sits when we stop at the cross walk. He loves kids and people and thinks his goal in life is to be petted and loved. He can be, once he sits!

Probably the biggest thing we learned were consistency and basic training. We have also learned that a proper diet and exercise can make the world of difference. Dog like and need structure along with an alpha leader. Step up, you may love your pet, but they are pets. A dog doesn’t think like us. Being a good and responsible pet owner is very different from just loving your pet as a member of the family. They will love and respect you more if you know what you are doing and know how to handle your dog.

Hands down, we would recommend Karen to anyone with a puppy or with a dog with “issues”. And we have recommended Karen to several people. Miss Karen, You are the best!

- A Personal Reference From Scott & Holly, Champion Ohio


I enjoyed the class and I believe that it has made a difference.

As I mentioned before – my expectations were simply for socialization, and just the overall obedience/basic training. You can witness he is quite the social bee – and a very happy one at that!

I will continue using the commands and work with him as I know he is a smart little guy, and capable of doing what is asked.

I would recommend Elite K9 Training.

Thank You.

- A Personal Reference From Diane Humphries


My two year old Black Lab named Maui was very timid and frightened of new things. She would not listen to us and was driving my family crazy.

My groomer recommended Karen. After the first couple of classes I noticed an improvement in her behavior. I think just being around other dogs and in a new environment helped her fear of new things. Not only is my entire family using the training that Karen taught me, I am more confident that my dog will behave when out in public.

I have changed Maui’s diet. She is losing weight and I love taking her for a walk now. I am so proud of her – it’s nice having a dog that listens!

- A Personal Reference From Kim Walters


We were very pleased with the classes that our dog Sandy received at Elite K9. Karen is a kind and very experienced instructor.

Our dog came from the Trumbull County Pound as a stray and was very fearful of people and dogs. Karen evaluated her and helped us greatly with training and how to handle her.

Sandy is now doing so much better and we couldn’t be more pleased with all the help we received from Karen.

We highly recommend Elite K9 for anyone needing help with evaluating and training their dogs. Thank You!

- A Personal Reference From Toni Libbey


Learning how to control a new dog or puppy with a fast treat reward or head rub praise as soon as he did something you wanted him to do on command or with hand signals. Getting your dog to focus on you and controlling the leash the proper way to control it’s behavior was very key. Thank you Karen.

- A Personal Reference From Tom & Marilyn Brown


I am very pleased at the professionalism and patience the training staff has. My dog, Mocha, has learned a lot about being obedient. I would definitely refer others to bring their dogs to classes, not only for the dogs’ sake, but the owners themselves. The knowledge they have given us will greatly improve both Mocha and myself.

- A Personal Reference From Patti


A customer of mine referred Elite K9 saying that Karen was like the dog whisperer. It’s 45 minutes away and I had friends who recommended someone closer. However my customer said that Elite K9 would be well worth the trip so I went and wasn’t disappointed.

I was impressed by Karen and her knowledge of dogs, and how she can take the most stubborn dog and train it. Previous to this class I took my 4 month old puppy to a big box store for training and saw no improvement after 4 weeks. I’m glad I came to Elite K9 and would recommend it to anyone. Whether you have a purebred a mix or a rescue, I have seen all the dogs make big improvements every week.

- A Personal Reference From Anthony Centofanti


My husband and I both enjoyed the beginner obedience class immensely. Both instructors were very knowledgeable in dog obedience and dog behavior in general. They showed patience with dogs and their owners. I think our dog Luke really benefited from the class and we plan to continue his training through Elite K9.

- A Personal Reference From Kristen Davies


Karen clearly enjoys training dogs and helping their humans become better pet owners. She is quick to come up with alternative training methods if a dog has behaviors that are not responsive with the first technique; she is consistently positive and encouraging throughout the classes with each individual and their dog. She is always willing to take the dog and show the handler how to train correctly; as an example for us to learn by. We are always given time at the end of class for questions, whether they are regarding training or basic puppy habits and behaviors, Karen always shares her knowledge and her own experiences.

It has been an enjoyable experience, watching all the puppies learn and grow in these seven weeks. I will continue to work with my puppy so that we can advance to the next level and work with Karen again.

- A Personal Reference From Betty M Legg