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Barb and Karen formed Shelter Puppies in 2011.

Shelter Puppies was founded in 2010 by Karen Lutz and Barb Darbey with the idea that puppies will have a better chance at finding a forever home if they are vetted, spayed/neutered, and already have some obedience training.

Puppies are rescued from private homes, shelters, and the local dog pound, and provided with veterinary care, spay/neuter, and beginning obedience training, then placed in a forever home.

Karen oversees puppy training, making sure each puppy is ready to go to it’s forever home.

Puppy Pictures

Shelter Puppies' first litter of rescued puppies!

The very first litter of puppies completed training in March 2011. Pictured from left: Rosie, Cole, Tigger, Max, Gator, and Tasha. Missing from the photo: Nike.

Mia and her puppies.

Mia and her puppies. Mia was rescued from the pound as a very pregnant momma. After raising her puppies she was spayed and now helps to raise new puppies for Karen and Shelter Puppies.

Rex and Ruby are Coonhounds that were placed in their forever homes by Shelter puppies.             Lab mix puppy

Spotted puppy       Mastiff-type puppy

NOTE: Puppies featured on this page have all been adopted!

Please visit to learn more about this wonderful rescue, or go to Shelter Puppies’ PetFinder page to see some of the puppies currently available.