The Best Things Doggy Daycare Does For Your Dog

The best things your dog gets at daycare: socialized, exercised, tired out.

Doggy daycare may sound like something only the rich and famous can afford to lavish their dog with, but consider the benefits and I think you’ll find it’s well worth the time and money!

Mental Stimulation & Exercise

I don’t think we need science to tell us exercise is good for our dogs. We just know it. And, truth be told, we may not find enough time in our busy schedules to provide adequate exercise. Daycare can provide this while you work, shop, or just have a day to yourself.

Bonus: Interaction with other dogs in a daycare environment provides more than just physical exercise. It provides mental stimulation, which is exercise for the brain. There is so much good in social interaction!

Cute brown dog playing on a slide.Chasing bubbles is good for exercising the body and the brain.


Oh that social interaction I just mentioned! This is a time for your dog to bond with new friends. We all know that warm fuzzy feeling we get when our best friends appear… it’s awesome!

Doggy daycare provides a safe environment for your dog and it’s new friends to interact. Just like having lunch with your friends, watching a movie or the big game, or maybe a play date for the kids. The bonus is you don’t have to stick around and supervise. Karen will take care of that for you!

Bubble buddies - some dogs find bubble irresistable!

Dogs socializing at daycare.

Tired Out

After a long day at work or play, you’ll probably appreciate the fact that your dog is quite potentially every bit as tired as you. Proper social interaction is exercise for the body and brain, and down-right good for the soul.

Napping dogs at doggy daycare - it does happen!

Despite the fact that your dog may have taken a nap at doggy daycare, it’s likely going to be nap time when you get home!

Nap time is here! Golden Retriever sleeping on dog bed. Naptime cuteness: a dog, it's toy, and a bed. Zzzzzzzzzzz... who needs a bed to take a nap?!?


  • One Half Day $10-$15/day
  • One Full Day $20-$30/day
  • One day a week, every week, for an entire year
    only $900 – that’s $140 off the $20 full day rate!

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